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Bebex Bag-X Organizer Mother Baby Care Backpack

Bebex Bag-X offers a luxury, practical and trendy bag



It offers 3 isolated pockets in the additional  zippered area on the front of our design. These areas offer a thermal area suitable for every bottle size.,. There is a “back” storage area in the rear part. This area is designed to keep private items such as keys and wallets more confidential. On the side, we have “side” pockets and it is possible to store your belongings such as water bottles. These “side” pockets are designed for baby bottles and wet wipes and are easily accessible. The handle on the product provides practical carrying. The arms on the back section provide support and allow you to carry the product on your back.

  • Product features

    • Liquid proof.

    • No harmful chemicals are used.

    • It does not contain phthalates.

    • There is a special thermal storage area for baby bottles inside the bag.

    • It provides ergonomic back support to prevent back pain.

    • It has easily adjustable shoulder straps.

    • Large area provides 17” laptop wide storage space.

    • It is lightweight and easily portable.

    • It has been designed with all your baby needs in mind.

  • Product Dimensions;

    • 44*32/7cm 650 grams

  • Care Instructions;

    • Dry cleaning is recommended.

    • It can be easily wiped with a damp cloth and organic stain removers.

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